Bill Payment for Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority via ACLEDA Unity

To promote online bill payment in the society and to offer convenience to you with the leading most up-to-date electronic banking service, ACLEDA Bank has designed another new service — Bill Payment for Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority via ACLEDA Unity.

With this service, you can pay your water bills to Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) by your mobile phone conveniently whenever and wherever you are.

•  Self-service: pay your water bills by yourself and save time;
•  Convenience: pay your water bills anywhere and anytime 24/7;
•  Keeping track: be able to manage and control your expenditure yourself;
•  Participation: gain up-to-date knowledge, become modern, and can take part in social development;

Special Features
•  Pay your water bill in any type of currencies besides Khmer Riel; your bill will be automatically settled according to the exchange rate of ACLEDA Bank on the transaction time.
•  After your transaction is successful, your account will be settled automatically to Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority or Sihanouk Province Water Supply.
•  Be able to pay many water bills per day, without a limit on number of transactions and amounts.

Fee Charge
The fee charge is only KHR 1,000 or USD 0.25 per transaction.

How to Use
•  Enter the Bill Number of PPWSA in your phone correctly by typing PPWSA with 10 numbers, for instance, PPWSA1234567890;
•  After you enter the Bill Number, the amount of your payment and Delivery Point Code will be shown on your phone's screen. Check your Bill Number, Amount and Delivery Point Code before selecting 'Yes' to settle your bill;
•  Not require to enter the amount. It is automatically shown after you enter the right Bill Number;
•  Have sufficient balance in your account or at least equivalent to the amount of your bill including the service fee;
•  Make your bill payment on time as stated in the bill or before the due date is highly appreciated;
•  You can pay only within the valid bill. For expired bill or paying a fine, your payment is not allowed. Please click here to download User's Manual of Bill Payment for Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority via ACLEDA Unity