Third Quarter Report 2020 (Unofficial translation)

       In the third quarter of 2020, PPWSA generated revenues amounting to KHR 86,585,071,000 increased by KHR 22,653,872,000 or 35.43% quarter on quarter and profit for the financial period amounting to KHR 27,140,842,000 increased by KHR 5,472,963,000 or 25.26% quarter on quarter. For the nine-month period ended 30 September 2020, PPWSA generated revenues amounting to KHR 237,483,728,000 increased by KHR 61,218,230,000 or 34.73% quarter on quarter and profit amounting to KHR 69,566,035,000 increased by KHR 30,241,689,000 or 76.90% compared to the nine-month period ended 30 September 2019. As at 30 September 2020, PPWSA has total assets of KHR 1.785.226.529.000 increased by KHR 180,882,607,000 or 11.27% and total equity of KHR 963,266,847,000 increased by KHR 49,562,208,000 or 5.42%.

The significant financial ratios in the third quarter of 2020:

1. Liquidity ratios:
     1.1 Current ratio:1.27 time
     1.2 Quick ratio:0.85 time
2. Profitability ratios:
     2.1 Return on assets:1.57 %
     2.2 Return on equity:2.86 %
     2.3 Gross profit margin:43.77 %
     2.4 Profit margin:31.35 %
     2.5 Earnings per share:KHR 312.06
     2.8 Interest coverage ratio:5.36 times

In the fourth quarter of 2020, PPWSA expects to produce potable water of 58,259,800m3 with expanding additional water distribution network of 45,150m. We also expect to generate total revenues of KHR 84,825,787,000 and total expenses of KHR 56,214,377,000 approved by the Board of Directors and our two guardianship ministries.

Please read the full the third quarterly report of 2020 by downloading below:
PPWSA 3rd Quarterly Report 2020(Khmer Version)
PPWSA 3rd Quarterly Report 2020(English Version)
PPWSA 3rd Quarterly Financial Information 2020(English Version)