Annual Report 2020

       In 2020, PPWSA generated revenues amounting to KHR 324,367,856,000 increased by KHR 107,871,040,000 or 49.83% year-on-year and net profit for the financial year amounting to KHR 88,351,845,000 increased by KHR 55,059,932,000 or 165.39% year-on-year. As at 31 December 2020, PPWSA had the total asset of KHR 1,864,618,140,000 increased by KHR 260,274,218,000 or 16.22% and the total equity of KHR 982,052,657,000 increased by KHR 68,348,018,000 or 7.48%.

The significant financial ratios in 2020:

1. Liquidity ratios:
1.1 Current ratio:1.08 time
1.2 Quick ratio:0.68 time
2. Profitability ratios:
2.1 Return on assets:5.09%
2.2 Return on equity:9.32%
2.3 Gross profit margin:39.95%
2.4 Profit margin:27.24%
2.5 Earnings per share:KHR 1,015.85
3. Interest coverage ratio: 7.87 times

In 2021, PPWSA expects to generate a net profit of KHR 103,742,504,000 approved by the board of directors and the PPWSA guardianship ministries. Please read full the annual report of 2020 by downloading as below:
PPWSA_Annual Report 2020(Khmer Version)
PPWSA_Annual Report 2020(English Version)
PPWSA_Financial Statement 2020(English Version)