Currently, PPWSA has the capacity to produce 580,000m³/day of potable water, compared to its initial capacity at 540,000m³/day in 2019, through 3 WTPs:

Water Treatment PlantInitial CapacityCurrent Capacity
Phum Prek WTP150,000m³/day170,000m³/day
Chroy Changva WTP130,000m³/day150,000m³/day
Niroth WTP260,000m³/day260,000m³/day
Chamkar Mon WTPUnder ConstructionUnder Construction

Daily potable water treatment and supply is based on the water consumption of the population within the service area. This demand may vary with seasonal and weather related factors. The management of each plant's operation is based on the water demand and the economic efficiency of each plant. This explains the utilization rate of each plant not being uniform.