- Project Name: Niroth Water Supply Project
- Objectives: To respond to increasing demand for safe and constant water supply by extending the water production facilities, thereby contributing to improve living environment of inhabitants including the poor in Greater Phnom Penh area, and also improve the investment environment.
- Original and Revised amount: 3,5131,000,000¥
- Source of funding: JICA Loan
- Effectiveness date: July 17th , 2009
- Original Closing date: July 17st , 2014
- Name and Address of PPWSA: No.45, Street 106, Sangkat Srah Chork, Khan Daun Penh
- Name of Project Director (Contact Information): H.E Ek Sonn Chan, General Director of PPWSA
- Task Team Leader's Name: Mr. Nonaka Hiroyuki
- Contact information in the JICA : JICA Cambodia Office, Tel: +855 (0)23 211 673, Fax: +855(0)23 211 675
- Procurement Status
• Contract Name:+ Niroth-CW 01B PPWSA-JICA (The Construction of Treated Water Treatment Plant and Treated Water Transmission Main Part B of Niroth WPF (PhaseI))
• Contractor Name:Moya Dayen of Singapore
• Construction Start:August 20th, 2010
• Construction FinishFebruary 19th, 2013
• Percentage of Completion: 9% (Progress Report No 4, January 2011)
• Planned and actual disbursements by sub component:Refers to Work Sheet For Quarterly For Year 2010
• Annual financial statements and audit opinion:N/A