Bakheng Water Supply Project (Phase 1)
AFD CREDIT No. CKH 1176 01S & EIB FI No.89008 & No.91016

- Project Name: Bakheng Water Supply Project
- Objectives:
- MEF represented by: Dr. AUN Pornmoniroth (Senior Minister of Economy and Finance)
- PPWSA represented by: Dr. SIM Sitha (Director General of Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority
- Original loan amount: USD85,000,000 (EUR77,300,000)
- Source of funding: Agence Francaise de Development (AFD)
- Effectiveness date: 31 December 2018
- Closing Date Loan: 15 November 2038
- Closing Project (Deadline for Drawdown): 5 Years (60months) from Drawdown date
- Closing disbursement: 25 December 2020
- Grace period: 7 years
- Maturity Loan (4.1): 20 years in which 7 years grace period
- Repayment the Subsidiary Credit and pay Interest: 20 years including grace period 7 years
- Term and Condition for Repayment: 1. 13 Years (26 equal semi- annual)(15/5/2026 to15/11/2038)
2. Calculate the amount of Outstanding Principal in respect of each Drawdown
3. Interest rate as per Credit Agreement (0.55%) plus 0.35% =(Total 0.90%)
The payment date: January 15th and July 15th from (2024 to 2036)=13Years
4. Currency of repayment principal & interest is USD
- Interest: 0.90%
- Commitment Fee: No commitment Fees
- Late interest shall be charged: 3.5% to the extent that such Interest has been due
- Tax and Duties (Clause 9.4): Born by Government including PPWSA's counterpart budget
- Detail of Project Components: Goods, Works and Services
- Audit:

1. Independent Audit, selected by PPWSA based on a call for tender and following AFD’s written no objection on the audit firm. All audit cost shall be paid by PPWSA's budget.

2. Audit reports no later than 6month after the last day of each fiscal year.

- Procurement Status: 1.CONSULTANT SERVICE
Contract No.: BKG-CS-1A-PPWSA/AFD
Contractor:  Safege Consulting Services for Supervision of the construction of Bakheng WPF, design and supervision of the transmission system, technical assistance for GIS/SCADA and other services 2020-2021(Optional component)
Procurement Method: International Competitive Bidding "ICB"
Capacity: 195,000m³/day
Contract signed: 14 November 2019
AFD NOL: 06 Sep 2017
Contract Amount: EUR31,414,495.95 and USD27,064,169.60
Work schedule: 36months
Tax & VAT: Born by Government including sub contractor
Effective date after received Adv(10%): 05 May 2020
Commencement work: N/A
Completion of contract: N/A

Contract No.: CCM-CW-01-PPWSA/AFD
Contractor: VINCI Construction Grands Projects OnExtension of Chamcar Mon Water Production Facilities and Distribution System
Work Schedule: 24months
Tax & VAT: Borne by Government
Contract signed: 08 Jul 2017
Contract Amount: USD15,217,887.95 and EUR7,989,706.73
Addendum No.1: USD1,040,000.00
Revised Contract: USD16,257,887.95 and EUR 7,989,706.73
Commencement work: 04 Sep 2017
Addendum No.1 Signed: 12 May 2020
Effective date after received Adv(5%): 18-Oct-2018
Duration: 24months
Price schedule:
General cost: USD1,139,859.20 & EUR1,444,556.38
E&M: USD1,581,323.55 & EUR6,545,150.35
Civil Works: USD12,496,705.20
Payment Condition
     100% General cost
     100% E&M
     50% Civil Works costs
     50% Civil Works costs & plus
     (VAT 10% )
Completion Certificate: No.174 PPWSA, dated 17 Nov 2019
Capacity: 52,000m³/day
Temporary Operational: 19 Feb 2020

A.Contract No.:BKG-02-DM-A-PPWSA/ AFD
Procurement Method: International Competitive Bidding “ICB”
Contractor:Powercode Enterprisr(M) SDN BHD
Supply:The Supply and Delivery of HDPE Pipes and Fittings (Batch 1)
Procurement Length: 173,311.80m
Contract signed: 12 Oct 2020
Contract Amount: USD1,541,439.24
AFD NOL on contract: 09 Oct 2020
Tax & VAT: Borne by Government
Work schedule: 4months
Actual delivery schedule: N/A
Status: Follow extension date because of higher market material